Paper Dress Fashion Workshop - Image by Olga Izmailova

Paper Dress Fashion Workshop - Image by Olga Izmailova




Submission of a booking form indicates that the participants agrees to the stated Terms and Conditions and will be charged accordingly for the event requested.

Submission of a booking form indicates that the participants agrees to the stated Terms and Conditions and will be charged accordingly for the event requested.

 London Photographic Workshop reserves the right to alter the content of training without prior notice, provided that the advertised workshop criteria are reached.

 London Photographic Workshop reserves the right to refuse a booking.


London Photographic Workshop, (hereafter known as LPW), can only accept bookings for events, along with the guarantee of payment, either payment in full at the time of booking online, or by deposit with the balance being paid not less than thirty days prior to the date of the workshop. Alternative payment options, can only happen by agreement with LPW.


Once a booking form has been submitted LPW will be unable to offer any refund on unfilled places (regardless of reason or circumstance) and delegates who cancel their place will still incur the full cost of the workshop. However if a delegate wishes to cancel or change to a different workshop and gives sufficient notice to LPW, allowing the place to successfully be filled, then the delegate will be offered a refund.


In the event of a workshop or event being undersubscribed LPW reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule it. Should this happen, or if the workshop had to be cancelled through illness, LPW will inform participants immediately in order to re-arrange the workshop or refund the money.However, in the event of a cancellation, LPW is not liable for any other costs that the participants may have incurred, such as non-refundable transport or accommodation.

Equipments, Damages and lLosses

LPW shoots make use of the most up-to-date equipment available. Should any participant lose, damage or break a piece of equipment during a shoot day, they will be required to pay for its repair or replacement. Equipment includes all photographic and non-photographic apparatus used during the event. LPW cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to delegate’s belongings. Any valuables, personal property or equipment brought to workshops by participants is at their own risk, and remains the sole responsibility of the participants.

House Rules

LPW go out of our way to provide an authentic studio experience and request that participants treat our crew, premises and equipment respectfully and responsibly. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards any client whose behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate or unacceptable. LPW reserves the right to ask a delegate to leave a workshop for inappropriate behaviour and the cost of the workshop will not be refunded. Any training material, slides or hand-outs produced by LPW are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced (either in part or whole) without permission from LPW


LPW offer several different subscriptions forms. They are all not refundable. LPW reserve to terminate the subscription at anytime for inappropriate behaviour and the cost of the subscription will not be refunded.


LPW ensures that all premises used by us are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance. This provides cover against any claims made due to loss or injury to clients or crew or damage to the property itself. It does not cover loss or damage of equipment supplied by LPW.

Images and Copyright

Images taken by students whilst under instruction are not considered to be wholly authored by them and cannot be use for any commercial purposes. Use of images in personal portfolios, social media, web portfolio is permissible but they should be clearly marked as taken whilst on a workshop or course. Images taken during workshop can be used in competition if the competition rules allow.. Accordingly, clients are not permitted to make use of images for anything other than personal purposes. Should any client attempt any commercial use, we will view this as a breach of our copyright and will take appropriate action. Equally if an image is displayed in any environment which is insulting or demeaning, LPW will act to ensure its removal.

Judicial controversial jurisdiction

For any judicial controversial the Tribunal competent is Tribunale di Terni (Tr) - Italy.

London Photographic Workshop is a trademark not registered of Luca Monti Fotografo - Corso Vecchio 139 Terni (TR) Italy