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FALL/WINTER 2017-2018



This is an extraordinary moment in the history of photography and image making. Cornell Capa, described photography as β€œthe most vital, effective, and universal means of communication of facts and ideas.” The power of images to cross barriers of language, geography, and culture is greater today than ever before. 

Billions of images are being made daily in fact, in a minute or two as many photographs are produced as were made in the entire 19th century.  

This is a vibrant moment in which to be de ning new pathways to image making. Technical boundaries and limits collapse every days, ideas circulation is now better then ever, virtualization of presence trough new media processes allows to bring more creative people together then all the centuries before.

We are creating inventive educational programs that respect the traditions of photography while embracing its new frontiers. At LPW we teach traditional ways of making photographs, with film, and we also teach new and exciting ways of using digital imaging, exploring the enormous possibilities in image making .

I am privileged to lead LPW through its next chapter, at a time when the very meaning, use, and production of the image is in exuberant flux, with blurred edges between art, documentation, and communication. 

Luca Monti

Dean of the School