Siwa, Fashion on Location Masterclass / Taken by Sebastien Degardin

Siwa, Fashion on Location Masterclass / Taken by Sebastien Degardin


The Lowdown

LPW’s Masterclass Workshops really are in a league of their own. Our unique concept means that every LPW event reproduces the experience of a professional photo shoot. Our Masterclass takes things up a notch. There’s still the same relaxed environment and still the same support and advice from Luca Monti but at this event you will be working with some of the most in-demand crew and models in the industry.

If you want to sharpen your skills using state-of-the-art equipment with amazing concepts in exclusive locations, the Masterclass is for you. With expert guidance from Luca Monti you’ll get a taste of exactly what it’s like to shoot a high-end magazine cover or advertising campaign. 

The atmosphere at our Masterclass workshops is electric and guaranteed to push your creative boundaries.  We want you to use this experience to take risks with your photography, to explore new territory and bend the rules !

Event Details

We’ll kick off the event by introducing you to the other photographers, the models and the crew. We can discuss the concepts, make-up, hair and styling and the lighting set-ups we plan to use for the shoots.  Then it’s straight to work with the first shoot.

You’ll have the benefit of Luca’s 25-year of experience at the top of the industry as he guides you though the shoot encouraging you to have the confidence to use your creative ideas. 

Our small group size means you’ll have plenty of time to get all your questions answered and every photographer will have a chance to take the lead in directing the shoot.

At the end of the second shoot, we’ll sit down as a group to review the day, ask any questions you still have and, of course, to take a look at the results of your hard work.

We guarantee that you’ll leave the workshop buzzing with creative ideas and with some beautiful and inspirational shots to take your portfolio to a new level.

Fashion Masterclass - Studio Creative Lighting

Fashion Masterclass - Studio Creative Lighting

How many other participants will there be ?

We try and keep the groups as small as possible with 8-10 students at the most. The photographers are split into team during the workshop with a maximum of 2 students in each allowing each student to have more time on set and when You are not shooting get practice with lighting equipment and grip.


What level of experience do I need to attend the workshops ?

The workshops are open to photographers from all levels. All we ask is that you have a basic knowledge of photography and you are comfortable using your camera.


What equipment do I need to bring ?

You don’t need to have the latest, most high tech camera to take part in our workshops. Just bring along whatever you normally use. With our help and our studio magic, you’ll be stunned by the amazing images even the most humble camera can produce. For your lenses we recommend either a 24-70mm lens or fixed lenses such as a 50mm or 85mm.The main thing we need you to bring along is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, we’ll take care of the rest ! If any additional information is required we will email all students in advance.


Nude Masterclass - Shoot on Location

Nude Masterclass - Shoot on Location

What are the usage terms of the picture we take on the workshop ?


The images taken by each individual are for non-commercial use only. You are allowed to use the images for your printed portfolio, website and on your social media. Any commercial usage need to be cleared before use with us so there is clearance with the model.


What people say about our workshops ?

I have attended to a block of workshops and sessions, and it is a real experience to learn from Luca, whose unique teaching technique push you to get the best out of you. He is a lighting magician and he knows well what he does...
— Marco on Feb 20, 2014.
The studio lighting technique workshop was informative given the length of time in the studio. It was a good taster and would definitely recommend it to others interested in somebody with some knowledge in studio lighting.
— Marie Castaneda-Toca on Nov 27, 2012.
The workshops organized by Luca are very creative! Every time he uses different lighting set-ups to show us tricks of trade. The models, their outfit are selected carefully regarding the theme and make-up is amazing! Thank you, Luca for sharing your knowledge and friendly atmosphere !
— Ola on Aug 18, 2012.