Fashion Beauty Editorial + Kino-Flo

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The workshop is focused on professional Fashion Beauty photography. It is a fun day filled to the brim with information. We give partecipants an insight into the fashion industry and all the steps and processes involved in creating a professional fashion or beauty shoot. Theese event is focused on some strong lighting techniques to obtain cut of the edge in camera beauty shoot using Kino-flo light equipment. But most importantly also cover all the “nuts and bolts” involved in shooting fashion successfully from concept development, mood boards the photographers role and communicating with your team. Planning shoots, story boarding a shoot through to layout and what magazines and agencies expect. We also discuss look book’s campaign shoots and other fashion related photography work.

If you are wanting to take your work to the next level and maybe work in fashion then this workshop is for you.

If you are submitting your shoots to magazines and wondering why they don’t get published then this workshop is for you.

If you are shooting portraits and want to break into fashion or give your work a fashion perspective then this workshop is for you.

If you are wanting to learn about shooting high fashion magazine quality images then this workshop is for you.

How many people attend ?

There is a maximum of 8 people at the Workshop and I have two assistants to help the day run smoothly.

What is the format of the day ?

The morning is spent as an open discussion going over everything you ever wanted to know about shooting fashion and at 10am our two agency models and the hairdresser makeup artist and wardrobe stylist arrive. After lunch we discuss and shoot two beauty and two fashion looks per model and you get to see the team and everything we discussed first hand in action.

How experienced do I need to be to do the workshop ?

In general all our workshops are suitable for both beginners and intermediate photographers.

There is no prerequisites but this workshop is primarily aimed at photographers who have a really good understanding of the fundamentals of Photography and want to take their work to the next level. If you have attended with success to some others our workshop, you have the right skill level

Do we get to Photograph the models at the Workshop ?

Yes a lot, the Workshops will be a strong help to push your portfolio to next level. All our models are chosen from professional agencies and all the attendees will have his/her own time to be the main photographer and direct the whole shooting;

We like to indicate the models in advance but they can change at the last time due to last minute cancellation.

What makes the Workshops different ?

You will learn about all the components involved in high end high fashion - not just lighting techniques we also have a whole team there on the day just like there would be at a professional shoot so you learn how it all fits together and what is needed.


Detailed Schedule :

  • Discussion of the shoot concept and decision of the model’s makeup
  • Introduction to lighting for portraits and explanation of the chosen light setup
  • First shooting session
  • Small break and change of the light setups
  • Second shooting session
  • Final thoughts and goodbyes
  • Requirements:

The models  : Emilia e Gemma


What do I need to bring ?

It is not important which camera you will bring along with you and we are very keen to welcome film cameras whether it is a 35mm camera or a medium format camera, arrangements can be made to hire cameras if you don’t own one or if you want to try something different, please ask when booking.

If you have a Compact, Hybrid or Bridge camera you can still take part in this course, we guarantee to show how to get fantastic pictures with all types of cameras.

We suggest to have a lens that will allow you to crop to half length and full length figure. This would ideally be a 24-70mm (Full frame) or 18-55mm (APS size).

We will provide you with a RF trigger to work with the studio flashes in our studio if you don’t have your own.

No need to worry, just bring your creativity and your passion for photography !



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