Studio Creative workshop with Maya

A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.
— Diane Arbus

Are you bored of the usual studio shooting? Would you like to learn a different approach to the image construction? This is the workshop for you!

Luca Monti used to run his workshop in the Camera Club (one of the oldest and most distinguished photographic clubs in UK) and before that he used to do the same in Paris and Rome. We are now happy to bring this event to all Londoners.

The workshop is intended to show how to use different and sometime bizarre materials, tools and different light setups. We will explore together all the aspects of shooting in
a photographic studio. We will work along with experienced models and make-up artists and you will produce some amazing pictures for your portfolio.

The Studio Creative workshop is aimed at those photographers looking for a different approach to the use of the studio.

During this workshop we will not only explore unusual lighting techniques, but we will focus our attention on how to build a complete scenography/set using materials and/or elements of various complexity.

Throughout the shooting session we will analyse and discuss how these elements simply contributes to the strength of your images and how easy is to convey a creative touch to them.

In this peculiar workshop our tutor will share tips and techniques from his experience in the movie industry, emphasising the important aspects of the storytelling process in the images construction.

The event is open to both beginners and intermediate photographers and is limited to 8 participants in order to give all of you the possibility to get the most out of the evening and shoot in a relaxed and friendly studio environment.

In this Studio Creative we will work together to explore scenography to create amazing bodyscape pushing poses of the model over the limit of gravity. All of you need to be and work on the stage, therefore remember socks !!!!!

Schedule :

  • Presentation and introduction to the workshop
  • Outline of make up and styling
  • Briefing on how to prepare the studio set
  • Explanation of the light setup
  • First shooting session
  • 10 minutes break and variation of the light setup
  • Second shooting session
  • Final thoughts

Key Features :

  • Exploring unusual lighting techniques and light modifiers
  • Building a complete scenography
  • Using different materials for your shoots in a creative way
  • Emphasising the storytelling of your photographs

Requirements :

It is not important which camera you will bring along with you and we are very keen to welcome film cameras whether it is a 35mm camera or a medium format camera, arrangements can be made to hire cameras if you don’t own one or if you want to try something different, please ask when booking.

If you have a Compact, Hybrid or Bridge camera you can still take part in this course, we guarantee to show how to get fantastic pictures with all types of cameras.

We suggest to have a lens that will allow you to crop to half length and full length figure. This would ideally be a 24-70mm (Full frame) or 18-55mm (APS size).

We will provide you with a RF trigger to work with the studio flashes in our studio if you don’t have your own.

No need to worry, just bring your creativity and your passion for photography !


Summary :

Time: from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Model: for this workshop will be Maya