Meet the model : Fashion Editorial with Emma Salisbury

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Meet the Model

Fashion Editorial With Emma Salisbury

The Magic Formula is easy : 2 Photographers - 1 Model - 1 Hour Shooting !

Every Meet the Model event will have several shifts with two photographers, all being one hour long. Between one slot and another there will be 5 minutes break for our model to rest and be ready for the two photographers of the following shift. We will setup the studio and lights for you and we will provide you with the same styling and attention to details that we deliver in all our workshops.

The crew for this event will be :

Emma is an amazing fashion model.

Giulia Peduzzi, our editorial stylist from Milan, will bring a selection of Haute Couture dresses from Moschino and Armani, selection of high fashion accessories and fashion props to create the atmosphere... accessories and furniture that will make yours pictures absolutely cool.

The shooting will be supervised by Maria Papadopoulou, Fashion Editor for Ozone Magazine.

Make up Armandine Gaulin from Paris.

Hair from Ukiyo Watanabe from Tokyo.

When you reserved please indicate which time slot you prefer.

As usual snacks and drinks are provided by the wonderful team of Milk+ Studio.

When you reserved please indicate which time slot you prefer.


Emma's pictures:



It is not important which camera you will bring along with you and we are very keen to welcome film cameras whether it is a 35mm camera or a medium format camera.

We will provide you with a RF trigger to work with the studio flashes in our studio if you don’t have your own.

No need to worry, just bring your creativity and your passion for photography!


Booking slot:

6:30 / 7:30 - Mikey + Manzur

7.45 / 8.45 - Mikey +Manzur

9.00 / 10:00 - Manzur + Patrick



Time: from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Model: for this workshop will be Emma - link to Model Mayhem profile

Levels : Portrait, fashion to lingerie