Art Nude Lighting Workshop with Elle Beth

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— Claire C.

This workshop is dedicated to who really want to understand the magic behind the art nude light set-up.

During the evening we will carefully discuss on how to setup our lights as well as how the studio environment can be interpreted and moulded to emphasise the shapes of the body and the overall strength of our images through light effects, props and scenography.

through the shooting we will search for different angles and change our framings to explore and obtain a wide selection of different and powerful images.


Outline of the day:

  • Discussion and decision on the shoot concept: model’s make-up and hair are done accordingly. We will work with a professional model selected for her particular skill and for her characteristics and peculiarities.
  • Introduction and explanations to lighting and light set ups focus on our creative ideas for the shoot.
  • Lighting set up: during the workshop we will show to you at least 2 different light set up, you will also receive the written explanation of it.
  • Shooting. Everyone has their time to be the main photographer and shoot using thelighting and direct the model. The rest of the group can either keep on shooting or assist the main photographer.
  • Creative shooting and composition tips.

We will be happy to receive your best pictures of the shooting, upload it on our Gallery and comment it with any advices for your postproduction !

The model for this workshop will be : Elle Beth


What you need to bring?

We are going to talk about photography so is not important wich kind of camera you want to use, we are open to every different approach, we are happy to welcome all the analogic cameras, the medium format and everything you could like to use. The only thing you need to bring is your creativity and your passionate !