Anna Love, Down to the Hell workshop / Taken by Roberto De Micheli

Anna Love, Down to the Hell workshop / Taken by Roberto De Micheli


The Lowdown

Perfect your photographic skills with a one-2-one creative experience.

Get the maximum from your time in the studio by booking our one-to-one workshop. You will have Luca Monti’s complete and undivided attention for the whole shoot. This session is completely tailored to you, we can work exclusively on the areas where you feel you need the most support. You’ll benefit Luca’s 25 years of fashion and beauty photography experience with lighting, models, crew and concept all fully customised for your shoot.    


Event Details

You call the shots on this session. We’ll provide you with the very best equipment, models, crew and tuition and take the session in any direction you choose.  We’ll challenge you to think outside the box to produce captivating images for your portfolio.

It’s an adrenalin pumping, high octane session which will leave you feeling inspired, confident and buzzing with creative energy.


What I need to bring ?

You don’t need to have the latest, most high tech camera to take part in our workshops. Just bring along whatever you normally use. With our help and our studio magic, you’ll be stunned by the amazing images even the most humble camera can produce. The main thing we need you to bring along is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, we’ll take care of the rest !

Fashion shoot wit Elle Beth

Fashion shoot wit Elle Beth

What kind of lighting is provided ? Can I bring my own ?

We are proud to be able to say that LPW events are technically light-years ahead of any of our competitors. We have lighting from Bowens, Broncolor, Profoto,Briese, Arri and Kinfolo.  You are welcome to bring along any additional equipment you wish to use, we will be happy to teach You how to get the best from your equipment, just please pete us know in advance which kind on light equipment and grip You will bring.

Can I alter the Coloramas background ?

We will provide You the use of one Colorama background for free. If you want to change the background, the studio price is 7GBP per metre used.

Portrait with Zoe

Portrait with Zoe

Can I bring my own models ?

If you have specific models you would like to use in addition to those provided by LPW, you may bring them along. However, you must accept full responsibility for their well-being and safety during the shoot.


Can I bring other creatives along ?

If you want to bring assistants or other creatives along with you, you may. However, they will each have to pay a booking fee. If you prefer to bring your own crew, please contact us and to discuss the possibility of a discounted fee.


What people say about our workshops ?

Great !! I always enjoy workshops with Luca. He is great to work with and nows exactly what you want so is there to help us get the best from the Shoots.
— Neil Tailor on Jan 16, 2014.
These workshops are the best in London. Not only do they supply great looking, experienced models with great styling and a variety of professional lighting tools but more importantly, there is an expert teacher that has worked deep in the real fashion industry to guide you along !!
— Zoe Christou Welsh on Oct 15, 2013.
Very welcoming - Educational , innovative informative & entertaining. Luca’s dedication /passion for light & texture to produce photographic perfection is what drives me to his sessions time and time again.
— Tenee Attoh on Apr 9, 2013.