Photographer’s Pouch, Velcro-Backed Felt Pockets That Stick In Any Bag

The Photographer’s pouch is a boiled-wool pocket that will stick inside any camera bag thanks to the velcro strip on its back. And of course you’re not limited to cameras, or even camera bags – anything that will fit fits, and any bag with velcro can be used.

Each pouch is 9cm x 15cm, or around 3.5 x 6 inches, has a big velcro square on the back, a flappy lid and an elastic band to close that flap. The velcro is “bad” velcro, or the hook side of hook-and-loop, so it’ll stick to the inside of any camera bag that uses velcro dividers, or in a bag like the excellent Rickshaw Zero Messenger. And you could also stick it to your wooly sweater.

A three pack costs just $30 and a single is $12. I fancy some of these to organize my bike’s handlebar bag.



Because some camera bags don’t have enough pockets or pouches, Designer Will Kortum has created the Photographer’s Pouch. These pouches are designed with velcro on the exterior to fit in and stay put in a camera bag.  This only works with certain camera bags though like those from Billingham. Each pouch measures in at 9x15cm and is designed to help you organize your camera bag a lot easier. I’ve known from personal experience that sometimes I tend to just shove things in.

The three pack comes in at $30, while a single is $12. More photos are after the jump.

Who is Will Kortum?

Will is putting together a portfolio for his college application right now.  We got together the other week to review his portfolio, and over a coffee he said,” Oh Adam, I want to show you this thing I made.”  He pulled out a small felt pouch that can velcro to the inside of a camera bag’s padding.  As a 17 year old, with his mind focused on college, I would not expect him to have the time to redesign his entire Billingham bag, but I applaud his efforts in finding an economical solution to the problem of an internal, multi-use pocket for his bag.  Will tells us more about the history here:

I first thought up the idea that later became the Photographer’s Pouch after losing one of my favorite pens. I use a Billingham camera bag, and while it is fantastic in nearly every way, the main section is pretty much open. This means that it is hard to keep a tidy bag, and loose items like my pen could easily slip out. The Photographer’s Pouch is my idea of a remedy to this flaw. It’s not too small, but not too big either- meaning that you can keep multiples in one bag for different things. It is perfect for the loose batteries, filters, viewfinders, and cords that often occupy the dark depths of a camera bag. Because it has a velcro back, it can be stuck anywhere on the inside of a bag for easy access. I’ve spent months designing, prototyping, and redesigning the pouch for the perfect iteration. I hope you find it as useful as I do !


A few weeks ago when I was speaking at the SXSW V2V Entrepreneurs conference in Las Vegas, there was an idea which was echoed in almost all of the talks.  Good ideas are an excellent place to start…but they are not worth anything without execution.  To this, I’d like to say that Will not only got a product prototyped, logo’d and produced…he also put together a simple, clean, and effective website.  I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Yeah that reminds me, I have to get on my site.”  Hopefully you take Will and his Photographer’s Pouch as an encouraging example that an idea, with a plan and a little hard work, can produce results; and results that other people can get behind.  Until someone designs the perfect bag, it’s nice to know there are a few add-ons to keep all of our batteries and pens together.  In the meantime, let’s all wish Will well on his college application. - See more at:

Photographer’s Pouches are available for individual purchase ($11.95) or a pack of 3 ($29.95) Here is the website: