Bodies with Ice and Fire - Iceland


ICE and LAVA, VOLCANO and WATERFALL, WONDERFUL LANDSCAPE and MODELS - This workshop is driven by our passion for photography and the Icelandic nature. If you dream of being at stunning Iceland locations, then tis is the workshops for you. We will get you to the best positions for the best shots in all conditions, using our experience and local knowledge.

There’s nothing like Iceland for a photographer. Especially when in a week You will walk around active volcanoes, blue icebergs, roaring waterfalls, and northern lights..

If you’re searching for an unforgettable photographic experience, a  trip around Iceland’s  will not disappoint. It’s difficult to describe in words. The country is visually captivating in a way I’ve not seen elsewhere.  Lurking around every bend a stunning new landscape reveals itself.

Driving Iceland’s Ring Road will expose you to bubbling geothermal springs, sparkling rainbows, beautiful horses, tumultuous waterfalls, and rugged mountains in a single day. Oh, and you may even catch the magic of the Northern Lights a few times too.

Now repeat for 7 days, throw in the occasional glacial ice cave or erupting volcano, and you’ll start to appreciate what traveling in Iceland is actually like. However you must experience the country for yourself to understand!

This is a ‘perfect’ workshop that emphasises the practical skills needed to produce beautiful images outside the comfort of the studio.

We will be traveling light, harnessing the city environment along with Profoto flashes, Sunbounce equipments and our own cameras to produce commercial quality images.



Tuition and advice will be given on location so you'll learn loads, dedicate time to photography with like minded people and come home with hundreds of exciting images


This workshop is aimed at photographers looking to expand their own capabilities whilst creating portfolio grade commercial images. Shooting in an harsh environment like Iceland can be a challenging experience and this workshop is aimed at overcoming any obstacles to ensure you produce great work no matter what the conditions.

  • learn to work with unpredictable weather and the challenging environment to get pro grade landscape photography
  • harness ambient light advanced exposure techniques and a full set of photographic filter.
  • harness ambient light using reflectors and portable flashes to shoot models in location
  • mix ambient light with flash to achieve top grade model pictures in location



From Sunday 15th of July 2017 to Sunday 22th. 2018 The total cost of the workshop is £2599 per person. To reserve your place you will need to pay a £399 non refundable deposit. The balance of £2200 must be paid in full by 24th of March 2018.

You can also pay the full prince now and get the Early Bird offer £100 discount. This offer is valid until 31st of December 2017.

Maximum number of participants: 6

If you require more information please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Booking this workshop indicates you have read and confirmed the Terms and Conditions of Booking.


  • All photography tuition and mentoring 
  • Transport and entry fees to national parks and other locations 

Not included in the tour price: 

  • Travel and equipment insurance
  • Drinks 
  • Meals (other than breakfast) 
  • Visas 
  • International travel to and from Iceland 
  • Overweight and additional baggage

Me and my team will combine our academic and professional experiences with our network to create a dynamic workshop that would fit better today's pragmatic times.



Monday - Training AND Journey to Geysir


Training - The morning will be dedicated to training with the equipment we will be using, this will include: Lighting, Reflectors and any other equipment we may need.

  •  The first part of the day will be spent familiarising ourselves with the equipment we will be using and possibly planning the set-ups for shooting. ..

Afternoon -The first part of this day will involve the trip to GEYSIR, it will involve the occasional stop to view staggering sights of nature. 

  • Drive to Thingvellir to see the Earth Rift.  15:00 Drive to Kerid to see the Volcanic crater.  16:00 Drive to Geysir.
  • Drive to Gulfoss and have dinner.


Seljalandsfoss Waterfall - Our next stop is perfect for incredible sunrises, so we will wake up very early ! Seljalandsfoss Waterfall rises some 200 feet in the air, with a short hiking trail that takes you behind the waterfall itself. Shooting photos behind the waterfall at sunrise can be difficult with all the spray though. Another good photo location is from a hill on the right.

Skógafoss Waterfall - After that you can drive to Skógafoss [MAP], another massive & beautiful waterfall only minutes away. About the same height as Seljalandsfoss, but much wider and more powerful. Colorful rainbows are a common occurrence here. A wooden stairway brings you to a viewing platform on the top.

We will spend the night in small town of Vik.



Sólheimasandur Plane Crash -  The abandoned airplane wreckage on Sólheimasandur Beach is one of Iceland’s most iconic photography locations. Back in 1973 a United States Navy DC-3 crashed on the beach here. You can drive out to the plane and explore what remains, if you know where to look. This day will be dedicated to our first models shooting session

  • Arrive early at plane crash site  and set-up for first shoot.
  • Begin shooting for the first set-up.
  • Small break and clothing change.
  • Break for the first part of the day and have lunch. 
  • Set-up for second shoot. 
  • Begin shooting for the second shoot.
  • Return to the accommodation in Vik. 



THURSDAY - Skaftafell National Park & Ice Cave 

Skaftafell National Park & Ice Cave Skaftafell National Park is a beautiful mountainous park full of caves and waterfalls.

  • Drive to Skaftafell National Park. 
  • Meet up with Glacier guides.
  • Arrive at the Ice Cave and set up to shoot.
  • Break for the first part of the day and have lunch. 
  • Waterfall and landscape shoot.


Approximately 90 kilometers east of Akureyri is Mývatn, Iceland’s fourth largest lake. It was most likely formed in a catastrophic volcanic eruption some 2300 years ago, and the area is still very volcanically active, the Krafla volcano being close by, its last eruption taking place in 1984.

  • Arrive  at plane MYVATIN  and set-up for first shoot.
  • Begin shooting for the first set-up.
  • Small break and clothing change.
  • Break for the first part of the day and have lunch. 
  • Set-up for second shoot. 
  • Begin shooting for the second shoot.
  • Return to the accommodation in Seltun.


SATURDAY - Seltun Geothermal Area & the Blue Lagoon 

Seltun Geothermal Area - An area famous for its hot springs, mud pots, fumaroles and solfataras. It is a unique environment unlike any you will find anywhere else in the world. 

  • Drive to Seltun Geothermal Area.
  • Set up and begin shoot. 
  • Arrive at the Ice Cave and set up to shoot.

The Blue Lagoon - Bláa lónið, or the Blue Lagoon, is a geothermal spa with seawater, which is believed to have natural healing powers. The water, rich of silica and minerals, has worked well on all sorts of eczema and other skin related problems (e.g. psoriasis), and the Blue Lagoon even has a special clinic for skin treatment.

  • Drive to the Blue Lagoon.
  • Set up and begin shoot. 
  • Final Dinern  at the restaurant Lava situated at the lagoon.


PICTURE REVISION -  After the course I will perform with you an individual review of your images to help you to selected few to print. Students need to provide a presentation of a minimum ten minutes showing a max of  200 pre-selected images ( please do not select double or triple images showing the same subject ). 

Please note : this will be not a group session but for maximum two students at time, then a specific schedule will be set for this final lesson..



Weather can be a big factor when you are traveling in Iceland, as sudden snowstorms are common, and roads can be treacherous or even impassable, then this is a proposed itinerary and can be subject to last minute changes by theater events or natural phenomena like the very common vulcanic eruptions.