Extreme Boudoir in Venice

Monday 20th - Saturday 25th of May 2019



LINGERIE and FASHION SHOOTING AROUND VENICE AND ITS LAGOON - Founded in the 5th century and spread over 118 small islands, Venice became a major maritime power in the 10th century. The whole city is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world's greatest artists such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and others.

In this lagoon covering 50,000 km², nature and history have been closely linked since the 5th century when Venetian populations, to escape barbarian raids, found refuge on the sandy islands of Torcello, Jesolo and Malamocco. These temporary settlements gradually became permanent and the initial refuge of the land-dwelling peasants and fishermen became a maritime power.  

This ‘classic’ course from IPW, 'Fashion Photography in Paris', takes place this summer and promises to give six students an immersive and invaluable experience involving location shoots with professional model, high end styling and make up. Master the techniques of lighting and shooting fashion on the canals of Venezia and its around its laguna. I will take you through the process of finding great locations and lighting them to produce outstanding images for your portfolio.

This is a ‘perfect’ workshop that emphasises the practical skills needed to produce beautiful images outside the comfort of the studio.

We will be traveling light, harnessing the city environment along with Profoto flashes, Sunbounce equipments and our own cameras to produce commercial quality images.


This workshop is aimed at photographers looking to expand their own capabilities whilst creating fashion and boudoir portfolio grade commercial images. Shooting in an inspirational environment like Venice can be a challenging experience and this workshop is aimed at overcoming any obstacles to ensure you produce great work no matter what the conditions.

  • Obtain original images worthy of your professional portfolio

  • Adapt to changing light by using an array of tools and techniques that keep you shooting

  • Gain the confidence to work with models in real-world environments

  • Learn to find and use unique locations

  • Work as part of a creative team to achieve outstanding results

It is my absolute intention to offer more then other workshop can provide and not only you can expect an entertaining experience but most important of all a proper artistic education....
— Luca monti


The workshop wills start on Monday 20th of May 2019 and will finish on Saturday 25th of May 2019. We strongly suggest to join us one day before ( Sunday 19th) and plan to leave with all comforts on Sunday 26th of May 2019

The total cost of the workshop is £1799 per person. To reserve your place you will need to pay a £599 non refundable deposit. The balance of £1200 must be paid in full by 24th of March 2019.

You can also pay the full price now and get the Early Bird offer £100 discount. This offer is valid until 31st of December 2018.

Maximum number of participants: 4

If you require more information please don’t hesitate to call or email.

Booking this workshop indicates you have read and confirmed the Terms and Conditions of Booking.



Whether you are looking to improve your photography for your business or are quite simply excited about expanding your passion for photography on a holiday experience, this workshop offer an unparalleled opportunity to work with one of the most beautiful city in the world and expand your photography ability. Please not that this workshop is not suitable for total beginners.

  • learn to work with unpredictable weather and the changing environment of a busy city.

  • harness ambient light using reflectors, diffusing scrim and panels and portable flashes.

  • mix ambient light with flash.



Course includes :

Light equipment kit
Each student will have the opportunity to shoot images for their own portfolio.
Models Makeup and hair
Fashion styling for each shoot
One evening meal
Model for practical demonstration

Course does not include :

Travel and accommodation, breakfast and meals (except for group dinner on the first evening) and public transports in Venice. Please see below for further travel and accomodation details and options



  • You will learn directly with Luca Monti.

  • Luca spends "one to one" time with all students.

  • Enjoy your own individual shooting time.

  • You can bring your portfolio with you for review by Luca.

  • Take your pictures home for your own portfolio.

  • Intimate group numbers help to create a fun and relaxed learning environment.

  • Meet and network with other like minded photographers and creatives.

  • Experience a professional level studio and get confident using all the equipment. (This will help you when renting or purchasing kit in the future.)

  • Rapidly improve the day to day running of your photography business with key skills.

  • Save literally years of photography trial and error by working and learning from a top professional.

  • Join Luca Monti and his team - get ready for an Incredible trip and photography experience.



We are proud to say that we will work with the best equipment available for a location shoot. The state of the art in portability and quality of the light:

California Sunbounce for light shaping tool and Bowens Explorer as flash lights.

We will provide all the equipment you need for the session. 

You have just to bring your camera and lenses. Feel free to bring a light meter and a tripod. If you don't have one, we can provide one tripod and one light meter to share.

Don't forget to bring - or buy: a shutter release cable compatible with your camera.

My father parents come from Venice. I know Venice exceptionally well and I will give you a chance to get a unique look over the city and its laguna….”



Training - The morning will be dedicated to training with the equipment we will be using, this will include: Lighting, Reflectors and any other equipment we may need.

  •  The first part of the day will be spent familiarising ourselves with the equipment we will be using and possibly planning the set-ups for shooting. .

Cannaregio District - The afternoon will present us with our first opportunity to work in the field, we will be working in the North Western part of the main island of Venice called Cannaregio. This district has some early Venetian canals, bridges, buildings and walkways for some interesting shooting possibilities.

  • Arrive at the end of Fondamenta Cannaregio and set-up for first shoot.

  • Begin shooting around this location.

  • Arrive at the Campo San Geremia and set-up second shoot.  Possible clothing change and mini break.

  • Begin shooting second set-up.

  • Pack up and head back.



San Marco - This is the Central part of the island of Venice, this is the most famous part and most tourist populated area. It contains the world famous St Martins Square, a beautiful view of the sea and gondolas. 

  • Arrive early in the area of San Marco and set-up for first shoot.

  • Begin shooting for the first set-up.

  • Small break and clothing change.

  • Arrive at Campo Manin and set-up for second shoot.

  • Begin shooting for the second shoot.

  • Break for the first part of the day and have lunch.

San Polo - This is the South Western part of the main island of Venice. This has a contrast to Cannaregio which we will have shot in on the first day. This section is more modern and open. 

  • Arrive at the Rialto bridge on the western side and set-up for first shoot.

  • Begin shooting for the first set-up.

  • Arrive near the Palazzo Cini and set-up the second shoot.

  • Begin shooting for the second set-up.

  • Pack up and head back


WEDNESdaY - Castello & Venice after Dark

Castello - Castello is the Eastern most part of the island of Venice, this is the final section of the island and the most green part, this area includes the green area of La Biennale di Venezia.

  • Arrive at the Ponte de L’Arsenale o del Paradiso and set-up the first shoot.

  • Begin shooting for first set-up.

  • Small break and clothing change.

  • Move to the Monumento a Giuseppe Garibaldi and set-up second shoot.

  • Break for the first part of the day and have lunch/tea.

Venice after Dark - For the afternoon the idea is to move back in to San Marco and exploit the dying sun and dark pathways now the tourists are leaving. 

  • Arrive at St Marks square and set-up for the beginning of the after dark shoot.

  • Head towards the Fondazione Scientifica Querini Stampalia where there is a good intersection of bridges and pathways for shooting.

  • Small break and possible clothing change.

  • Head towards the Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo square to finish off the night shoot.

  • Pack up and head back.



Burano - It is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy; like Venice itself, it could more correctly be called an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges. It is situated near Torcello at the northern end of the Lagoon, and is known for its lace work and brightly coloured homes.

  • Arrive on the island of Burano.

  • Begin shooting for first set-up.

  • Break for lunch.

  • Clothing change.

  • Move to the Palazzo da Mula shoot around the canal and dock.

  • Move to the Chiesa dei Santi Maria e Donato and shoot around the church.

  • Pack up and leave the island of Burano.

Afternoon off - The afternoon will be yours free to explore the sland of Venice as you wish.



Bragozzo boat - Starting the day off working on the sea in a Bragozzo.

  • Board the Bragozzo and head for the entrance to Cannareggio.

  • Shoot on board the boat with the above location as a backdrop.

  • Move towards the Rialto bridge and again shoot with this as a backdrop.

  • Move towards the San Giorgio Maggiore and shoot with the St Marks square or Chiesa Santa Maria della Zitelle as a backdrop.

  • Finally dock at Venice.


SATURDAY - Finally on the Beach LIDO

Lido Beach- The island of Lido offers a side of Venice not familiar to many, the sandy beaches and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. 

  • Arrive on the island of Lido and set-up on the Beach ready for early shooting.

  • Begin shooting for first set-up.

  • Move to the Santa Maria della Salute and broadwalk.

  • Begin shooting for second set-up.

  • Leave the island of Lido.



PICTURE REVISION -  After the course I will perform with you an individual review of your images to help you to selected few to print. Students need to provide a presentation of a minimum ten minutes showing a max of  200 pre-selected images ( please do not select double or triple images showing the same subject ). 

Please note : this will be not a group session but for maximum two students at time, then a specific schedule will be set for this final event.