Emma Salisbury,  Portrait workshop / Taken by Ronnie Foto

Emma Salisbury,  Portrait workshop / Taken by Ronnie Foto


An LPW Evening Workshop is always guaranteed to be a unique and exciting experience. We believe that you’re not going to become a better photographer by sitting in a classroom; you need to get behind the lens and go to work!  That’s why every LPW event focuses on giving you the practical advice, the support and the tools you need to produce artistic and beautiful shots.

We’ll provide you with everything you need; the best models, crew, lighting and locations, to really bring out your artistic talents and recreate the high-energy atmosphere of a professional shoot.

Evening Workshop are usually held every Monday from 6.30pm to 10pm in a Central London photographic studio.


Who runs it ?

LPW’s founder and your main tutor for the workshop is Luca Monti. Luca has been delivering photographic training worldwide for the last 20 years. He’s a renowned fashion and beauty photographer whose work has been exhibited internationally. It’s Luca’s energy and passion for photography which is the driving force behind our concept. From the initial tutorial to the final debriefing, he will be with you, offering plenty of practical hints and tips to encourage you to explore your creativity.

We are sponsored by Calumet, Lee, Manfrotto, Hasselblad, and Broncolor.

In London we have a familiar network that includes stylists, MUAs, hairstylists which we hire regularly from, and we aim to use new models every time.


What kind of lighting do you provide ? And can I bring my own ?

We are proud to be able to say that LPW events are technically light - years ahead of any of our competitors. We have lighting from BowensBroncolorProfotoBrieseArrilite and  Kinoflo.  The workshop tuition is setup in advance therefore sorry, you can't bring your own lights in Evening Workshop.


How is the formula ?

During the evening you will be taught at least two different light setups to play with and you will have the time to be the main photographer directing the model and the whole shooting. Luca Monti, our main tutor, will teach you also the right light set-up and the way to collaborate with the other creatives to get better pictures :


• Schedule Presentation and introduction to the workshop

• Lighting secrets explanation and preparation of the light setup

• First shooting session

• Short break and variation of the light setup

• Doubts and questions

• Second shooting session

• Final thoughts


What I need to bring ?

You don’t need to have the latest, most high tech camera to take part in our workshops. Just bring along whatever you normally use. With our help and our studio magic, you’ll be stunned by the amazing images even the most humble camera can produce. The main thing we need you to bring along is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, we’ll take care of the rest !

Nude Workshop / Backstage

Nude Workshop / Backstage

KinoFlo Workshop / Backstage  

KinoFlo Workshop / Backstage  

Portrait Photography Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use a variety of light modifiers and accessories to obtain well lit portraits based on the subject we will have each time. We will speak about the lighting setup and its variations as well as make up and hair style choice depending on the story we want to tell and the mood we want to achieve in our portraits.

Fashion Photography Workshop

Fashion is one of the most attractive in the photography’s fields and also one of the most difficult ones. During this workshop you will learn how to prepare a light setup mainly focused on the dresses wore by our models. We will discuss and solve together all the problems that can arise in a fashion shooting, from how to relate and follow the directions of a stylist to the lighting techniques to render the texture, colors and other characteristics of a dress to the best.

Art Nude Photography Workshop

The Art Nude Lighting workshop is focused on advanced lighting setup for the human figure.
During the evening we will carefully discuss on how to setup our lights as well as how the studio environment can be interpreted and moulded to emphasis the shapes of the body and the overall strength of our images through light effects, props and scenography.

Creative Studio Workshop

The Studio Creative workshop is aimed at those photographers looking for a different approach to the image construction.
During this workshop we will not only explore unusual lighting techniques, but we will focus our attention on how to build a complete scenography / set using materials and/or elements of various complexity. Throughout the shooting session we will also analyze and discuss how these elements simply contributes to the strength of your images.


What people say about our workshops ?

It is alway great fun coming to any of Lucas workshops. If I was looking to become a fashion and studio photographer, I would be hard pressed finding a better master to learn from

— Charmen (CeeJay) Hummel on Oct 15, 2013.

It was really a very good and informative workshop - I got so many useful tools to Getting into the studio light! Great

— Christina Andreasson on Oct 19, 2013.

Plenty of interesting ideas, great environment to expand imaginations

— David Vo on Sep 17, 2012.