Paolo Gioli, Volto attraverso la propria mano (Face Through Her Own Hand), 1996, b/w photographic print, 16 x 20″

Paolo Gioli, Volto attraverso la propria mano (Face Through Her Own Hand), 1996, b/w photographic print, 16 x 20″

I used the wide-angle lens as a normal lens. I had no philosophy about it. When I looked in the viewfinder and realized I could see all the contradictions and confusion that was there with the wide-angle — that was what was great.


Welcome to London Photographic Workshop. 

Whether you are completely new to photography, an enthusiastic amateur or an industry professional, we’ll help you to release your inner artist.

The relaxed and informal atmosphere of our London studio offers the perfect setting for photographers of all ages and levels of experience to come along, chat, share ideas and get creative. You’ll meet people from all walks of life all with a common goal; to take better pictures. Photography is much more than a hobby; the further you delve into it, the more hooked you’re going to get and the more hooked you get, the more you want to know!

Our Ethos

More than anything else, photography is fun; all our activities are designed to bring people together in an environment which stimulates discussion, interaction and creativity. Come along to one of our sessions and we guarantee that you’ll meet plenty of kindred spirits, learn new skills and leave with some incredible images.

Our Themes

To capture that perfect image, you’ll need the right concept with the right models, make-up and styling and it’s all brought together using clever lighting techniques to create the mood. With a little help from our friends in the industry, our workshops cover all of these areas. 

We’ll help you to understand all the creative and technical work that goes on behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot before you press the shutter button and produce that magical image.

Our Programmes

Every month LPW offers a host of events which will get you itching to grab your camera and start snapping. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and with a wide range of photography experience from complete beginners to professionals so there are lots of opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from each other as well as from us. Our events are fun, informative and affordable. 

Workshops - LPW workshops have quickly become amongst the most sought after photography events in London. Our sessions are delivered by some of the industry’s most respected professionals led by internationally renowned photographer and photography author, Luca Monti. We’ll feed your passion for photography and give you the technical and creative skills you need to take better pictures. We cover a broad range of topics such as fashion, nude, boudoir, creative, still life and portrait photography. You’ll learn all the skills you need to take photographs from an idea to an image. Come along to one of these informal, fun sessions; we guarantee you’ll want to come back for more.

Monday Evening Workshops - come over to our studio after a day at the office and enjoy one of these friendly, chilled-out events. You’ll meet plenty of like-minded people and pick up lots of tips. We’re always thinking up new concepts and introducing new models at these sessions to expand your portfolio and get your creativity flowing.

Meet the Model - These 1-hour shoot slots give LPW members a chance to work one-to-one with a professional model in our studio. You’ll experiment with different lighting set ups and practice your model direction skills, all under our expert guidance. A Meet the Model session is a fantastic way to build your confidence, refine your skills and professionalise your portfolio.

Full Day Workshops - There’s a reason why these events are so popular; they’re just awesome! The day begins with a lighting and styling brief and then it’s off you go to come up with your concept, create your mood board and plan your shoot. These days are relaxed and enjoyable; an absolute must for anybody who is serious about improving their photographic know-how.

Join Us

Check out our Photo Galleries you’ll see lots of examples of the stunning images our participants have created and find out more about who we are and what we do. After that, it’s easy; just polish up your camera, check your diary and book yourself onto one of our amazing events.

Ciminiere Verdi.jpg
Ciminiere Verdi
— 1994, Hand made toning on a BW print, cm 150x150.

Luca Monti is an award-winning fashion and beauty photographer.

No LPW workshop would be complete without the skill and knowledge of our founder, Luca Monti. For the last 25 years, Luca has been at the forefront of international fashion photography and has made his home in some of the industry’s most influential cities.

Rome, where it all began

Luca was born in the Italian capital in 1972, from the moment he was given his first camera, he showed a precocious talent for photography. By the age of just sixteen, Luca’s work was already of a high enough standard for him to be exhibited as a solo artist.

By the time he finished high school, Luca’s course was firmly set and he went on to study photography in Rome at the oldest film school in Western Europe, the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” (Experimental Film Centre).

Paris, the formative years

During his time as a student, Luca developed a passion for fashion and beauty photography, where better to indulge it than Paris? Over the next few years, Luca refined his photographic style and his signature style began to attract international attention. This led to solo exhibitions in Europe, Japan, Russian and the USA. Luca became a photographer in demand and his photographs appeared in famous publications around the world including The New York Times, El Pais, Le Monde, La Republica, Italian Vogue and many more.

London and LPW

Some 16 years ago, while based in London, Luca was approached to deliver seminars for the National Cinema School in Italy and for photography schools in Paris and New York. At first, he wasn’t certain about delivering tutorials but he soon found that he had a real talent for training and that he loved it.  Using his industry knowledge and contacts, Luca gradually evolved his tutorials into workshops delivering his an authentic photo shoot experience.

On returning to London, Luca founded London Photographic Workshops (LPW), as a platform to deliver his unique and rewarding events. With a network of top industry professionals Luca assembles an impressive crew of models, wardrobe stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists for every event. LPW workshops created a real buzz and were quickly established as the hottest photographic events in London. The events are attended by an international clientele of enthusiastic amateurs and industry professionals all looking to increase their skills and enhance their portfolio. 

Luca himself is still every bit as devoted to his art as he was 25 years ago and continues to be one of Europe’s most sought after fashion photographers.

Outside of photography, Luca is a cinema devotee with a passion for the work of Theo Angelopoulos, Andreij Tarkovskij and Akira Kurosawa. He has also directed a number of art films and is photo editor for the new fashion magazine project ‘Extravaganza" as well as editor of Digital AG+ and Darkroom Handbook.