Saturday, 17th of September 2016


A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph it is no longer a fact but an opinion. There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
— Richard Avedon


In today’s competitive environment, fashion photographers need good models to build a quality portfolio that impresses potential clients. As such, modeling agencies are “gatekeepers” that can make or break a photographer’s career. Therefore learning how to become “agency-approved” and subsequently how to work with Modeling Agencies effectively is paramount to that success.


What makes Luca Monti’s workshops unique ?

There’s a real excitement surrounding LPW in the world of photography. Luca’s innate ability to explain simply even the most complex photography techniques, has led to a huge number of happy students. Luca will tell You that in 26 year career develop is personal style that represent an unique way trough the photography by books and exhibitions all around the world - this will give each workshop participant an enviable experience and knowledge that you can only digest from someone in Luca’s position.

With Luca You will not talk of photography only, but is tuition always touch aestethics, philosophy and history of art that make his workshop unique. You can be sure that a workshop with Luca, in person at his studio, will be an intense, deep educational opportunity not to be missed.

With Luca Monti as your personal instructor, you know you will be learning from the very best ! 

Luca is different from all the other experience intact usually You attend workshop where the teachers are photographers who make their own business thought teaching, Luca instead is a real photographer that just love teach photography. 

Unlike other instructors, Luca chooses to continue working as a professional photographer for few selected brands, the same brands he developed the image for more then twenty years. Your workshop will be in this very same environment. Learn in a fully equipped studio and see exactly how a professional photographer at the top of his game “gets the job done”.




If there’s one thing I’ve learned from becoming a full-time fashion photographer it’s that the photography is the easy part. No one ever tells you how hard it is to find work, where to find work, how to pay the bills, what red-tape you’ll face and what hoops you’ll jump through to make it all work.

  • What agencies are looking for in a photographer and a portfolio.
  • How to approach modeling agencies
  • Lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • Creating the “agency look” in capture
  • Photographer/agency/model interaction
  • Creating Rapport with your Subject-Model
  • Directing and posing your Subject-Model
  • How to develop Your Lighting Style

On first part we’ll examine the fundamentals of the business-side of fashion photography and cover topics such as :

Investing in Assets (gear, studio, and accounting)

Professional Workflow (castings, call sheets, contracts, and the photography-side of workflow!)

On the second part we’ll put your skills to the test in a photo session of lighting setups, interaction and shooting. We’ll be shooting both fashion and beauty looks. Some of the highlights from the practical session are :

  • • Understanding basic makeup for photographers
  • • Improving your model direction and interaction
  • • Understanding & choosing the right modifiers
  • • Basic elements of fashion styling for photographers
  • • Creating different lighting setups

There are so many workshops out there that teach you lighting and shooting, but so few of them actually teach you the business-side of fashion photography. I’ll be using my work experiences to demonstrate the successes and failures I’ve encountered in my journey. My goal is to navigate you through the pitfall





It is not important which camera you will bring along with you and we are very keen to welcome film cameras whether it is a 35mm camera or a medium format camera, arrangements can be made to hire cameras if you don’t own one or if you want to try something different, please ask when booking. If you have a Compact, Hybrid or Bridge camera you can still take part in this course, we guarantee to show how to get fantastic pictures with all types of cameras.

We suggest to have a lens that will allow you to crop to half length and full length figure. This would ideally be a 24-70mm (Full frame) or 18-55mm (APS size).

We will provide you with a RF trigger to work with the studio flashes in our studio if you don’t have your own.

No need to worry, just bring your creativity and your passion for photography !


You can book this workshop paying with PAYPAL (even if You haven't a Paypal account) or You can book this workshop using Your debit / credit card via this website. To manage Your payment we choose to use STRIPE that is the world leader company for online payment.

Booking this workshop You will accept our Terms & Conditions.



Date : Sunday, 18th of September 2016

Location : APIARY STUDIOS - 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG, London

Class size: Courses limited to 8 persons.

Duration: One day – 11.00am - 5.00pm

Price: £99


If you have any questions about booking or courses, please feel free to contact us anytime.